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Forum Announcement: Budding writer?
Most people feel they have a book or short story within themselves, but don't know how to get started. We can help.
We are willing to publish - free of any charge - new, original, unpublished (no copyright) works of written English, here on the Forum. Members may submit work by  themselves or their friends, but it must be original, unpublished and free from copyright.
Your writing can be:  short story, poem, book, review or idea. The only conditions are that the general guidelines are followed regarding legality and decency. Don't worry if English is not your first language, or if your syntax is shaky, we will work with you to make it near-perfect.
For long items it may be necessary to publish in chapters or sections, but for most standard items we should be able to publish complete. We reserve the right to refuse manuscripts which do not meet Forum rules.
Make sure the name of the author (your choice) is shown and that the work shows the date of origination. You may add pictures, but they must not be anyone else's copyright. 
Published work will not become our copyright and it's free to be used by anyone, so don't send anything you're hoping to sell to a publisher for payment.
We may have a new blockbuster in our midst, or it may just be the satisfaction and benefit of having your work published. Either way it will be new material in the wider world of literature, and that must be worthwhile.