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New Laurel and Hardy movie. - judgefoozle - 14-08-2018

The world premiere of Stan & Ollie will take place on 21st October at the Cineworld, Leicester Square, London, attended by Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly, who star as the legendary movie comedy duo. Director Jon S. Baird, BAFTA award-winning writer Jeff Pope, producer Faye Ward and cast members will also be in attendance. Entertainment One (eOne) and the BFI London Film Festival are also pleased to announce that there will be simultaneous preview screenings of Stan & Ollie taking place at cinemas across the UK
The movie focuses on Stan and Olllie's personal appearances in Britain and will be released in the UK and Ireland by Entertainment One on January 11th 2019.


RE: New Laurel and Hardy movie. - judgefoozle - 19-09-2018

Watch the Trailer:



RE: New Laurel and Hardy movie. - judgefoozle - 30-09-2018

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