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Pseudo-Names - grwalker6 - 28-07-2015


I realise that another word game that people might want to get involved in is Pseudo-Names, popularised over the last few years in Private Eye. The idea is that you write a short statement about a topic and then the name is a pun based on the statement. e.g.

This was such an obvious word game for the forum, I'm surprised I hadn't thought of it earlier!

Yours Sincerely,
Miss Inga Trick

RE: Pseudo-Names - judgefoozle - 28-07-2015

I waited so long after ordering in a restaurant I asked who was doing the cooking. I was told "it's Neilly Dunne".

RE: Pseudo-Names - niko57 - 28-07-2015

We would like to bring to your attention World Homeless Day on Saturday 10th October 2015.

Billy Onedin
Adam Roof

RE: Pseudo-Names - niko57 - 08-08-2015

It's important to keep on going, no matter what the difficulties.

Percy Veare.

RE: Pseudo-Names - judgefoozle - 08-08-2015

The problems of ill-fitting underwear, by Lucy Lastik.

RE: Pseudo-Names - grwalker6 - 27-08-2016

I may have enjoyed myself too much this Friday evening; having partaken in too much merriment that I am now feeling the repercussions this morning.

Ed Hurts

I've been enjoying the sun, but I always try to wear plenty of sun cream. In fact I always carry round a second bottle of it.

Justin Case

RE: Pseudo-Names - judgefoozle - 27-08-2016

We had a particularly picky English teacher at school - Sam Antik.

RE: Pseudo-Names - grwalker6 - 12-09-2016

(27-08-2016, 09:14 AM)judgefoozle Wrote: We had a particularly picky English teacher at school - Sam Antik.

I think he must have been a colleague of Mister Colon

One of my colleagues is very pleasant but can come across quite conversation. I'm told that just Anne Droid for you!