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Original poem
From a member in Sweden who wishes to remain anonymous:


One scarlet rose
That fades as summer falls
One gentle angel
With words of comfort calls. 

The rose said "Angel, the summer now is gone
My petals fall and the breeze will move me on.
Oh lovely angel
Stay with me I pray
I'm so afraid as
My glories drift away."

The angel wept for
The sad and lovely rose,
But knew so well that
All life has its close.

"Farewell and fear not" the angel softly sighed
And kissed the rose and to the clouds retired.

But in the twilight, the angel's heart was torn,
And so returned to
The rose so much forlorn.

Too late, too late.
The rose it was no more
The breeze had wafted
Its petals on the floor.
The angel wept at this tragic destiny 
The plan was worthy but
Never meant to be.

As in its sadness
The angel journeyed on
A butterfly passed and
Flew towards the dawn.
With inspiration the angel made a vow.
Those fallen petals
Are all new butterflies now.

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