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A beautiful spots in Florence
Yes, Jaukan, they are great photos. Why not start your own thread of travel experiences and images? I'll suggest  Jaukan's Journeys, but it's up to you. Just use New Thread and write the title, then we can enjoy everything in one logical place and discuss your subjects. Other members are welcome to do the same. - The Judge.
judge foozle...!!1 I think it is a great idea. Through this we can share our experiences and captured photos with other members and they can get information about it via this step. The new threads will also prove perfect platform to discuss on the different topics and gorgeous destinations.
Well guys! I am glad, you liked my post. I am a big lover of traveling and explored the different countries during my tour. My favorite hobbies are: traveling, book reading, photographing and explore the amazing destinations. Paris, London, New York, Dubai and China are my favorite places. I would love to go there again and again. Guys! Would you like to share your best experience and hobbies with me?
Well, Jaukan, You deserve the appreciation. If you talk about my favorite hobbies then it is traveling. I am very passionate about it. I have a passion to explore all the mesmerizing destinations over the globe. I have visited many of them like London, Paris, New York, Boston and Canada. Now, I am thinking to go in the Florida. Have you ever been there?
Well, Abrish! Florida is a nice state of US. There are very amazing destinations to visit. Let me share some famous destinations name of Florida:
Walt Disney World
Everglades National Park
SeaWorld Orlando
Busch Gardens Tampa
Dry Tortugas National Park
Miami Beach
Wow, Jaukan, I must say that you have shares really nice information about the Florida and its attractions which is good. All the names are really useful for me and I have added them in my bucket.  Good effort and keep sharing like this. I am hopeful that We will get more from you in future.  So, Keep sharing like this.

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