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Why post goes on Moderation?
I have posted a comment that published but there were some mistakes and I edit it and checked that it went on Moderation. Why after publishing a reply it goes on moderation when someone want to make changes in it?
judgefoozle! I hope you will give me reply and sort out this issue.
OnlineRay, we are pleased you are with us and thanks for your posts. I think you included a commercial link in one of your posts, which triggers moderation. You'll find all your posts are published now, but it's a chance to remind everyone that it's best to avoid commercial links and just use general terms for recommendations. - The Judge.
Why not I will be careful about general terms but I must say those posts where edited posts. First they publish but when I want to make some changes in them they go on Moderation. Anyhow thanks for having a look at my issue and give a positive response about it.
Well, Online Ray, I have also faced this situation two times here. I wanted to edit my post due to some mistakes but when I edit them they gone on moderation and I was amazed to see that. But I got them after a few time. It is something very disturbing to see the posts on moderation.
Yeah, it is really disturbing for a user but according to admin its is policy and rule of this forum. So, I think we have to face it. But I am happy to read this after some time it shows live. Here I would like to add after my editing changes of 3 to 4 time now I am very careful to post my reply but it is little bit annoying thing for a common user or someone who is totally new to join any community. Am I right?
Spam is always removed - The Judge.

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