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Hong Kong
You are certainly correct that it's Ashley Road, Abrish!
well, I am very glad that I have completed the challenge. I was sure about the place and I have visited there with my Fiance and enjoyed a marvelous fun time. We also enjoyed Shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui. It was one of the best tours in my life.
What an interesting challenge judgefoozle  and I am happy to see Abrish completed it. Anyway, Abrish as you enjoyed shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui then I am sure you also enjoyed to dine there with your Fiance. If I am right then share your experience with me where you enjoyed your meal and how you found it? I am curious to know and looking for your next reply. 
Well, Online Ray! I enjoyed dining at Chesa Resturant and it was amazing for both of us. The environment was really cool and suitable for the travelers. The food and cuisines were very delicious in taste. The services were really admirable. In short, I enjoyed my tour much and I think you should also try it once in future.
I am feeling very bad to tell you that I have never visited this place in my life and have no idea about that. After reading your post, it developed my craze to be there at least once. before going there I want to see some photos of this place would you like to share with all?

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