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Impossible coincidence
Yes, I have been there. The best way to see the city is from the canals.

[Image: 426_fullimage_amsterdam%20canals_560x350.jpg][/img]
Wow, Jugdefoozle, I must say that you have shared really impressive view of the city which is good. To explore city through boat ride looks really amazing and best source of fun. It looks really cool and I wanna be there in forthcoming days. I am very hopeful that it will be great for me If i will be there in future.
Abrish you are absolutely right, he had shared such a nice photos with all of us. Believe me these photos appeals me a lot. I have never been there but after that I have a plan to be there in my free time and hopeful it will be amazing for me like all,. Would you like to suggest me anything else before going there?
You can find some official information here.


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