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My introduction to Stan and Ollie
I may have shared this story elsewhere before but I'll share it again here. I don't always know how many of the younger set are into older cinema and the like, but even as someone who is 26 years of age it may still surprise some people to learn I like Laurel and Hardy and many other classic film comedians. It may definitely surprise them to learn that I even know who they are.

My introduction to Mr. Stan Laurel and Mr. Oliver Hardy as far as I can remember came as a kid at my local library. I was evidently in some kind of club as a child that met at the library sometimes and one particular night we were in the basement and they showed the Laurel and Hardy film County Hospital. Most kids would've been bored by such an old film or anything in black-and-white but they showed it on an old projector and I was intrigued. I could still remember little bits years later that I saw then like Stan getting the words aquarium and solarium mixed up, Oliver's reaction when Stan brought him hard boiled eggs and nuts something that he claimed Stan knew he didn't like, and of course the hilarious driving scene when a drugged out Stan is trying to drive Oliver home without falling asleep first. There was something that captured my imagination and made me laugh. I'm sure our wanted to own some of their films but at the time the US was not the place to look for any of them as there were only two main DVDs with small amounts of their films and of course several budget priced public domain DVDs which were worth nothing.

Some years later when I grew much older I found out in the UK there was a huge and massive box set of their films on several DVDs and if you could buy a special DVD player that would play anything from any region you'd be able to play them in the US. That ended up being exactly what I did and I still have those DVDs to this day even though they've released a very fine official box set over here now. I suppose I could get that set but then I wouldn't have anybody to give my UK DVDs to or sell them to. Watching Laurel and Hardy has brought great joy to my life especially whenever I felt depressed and I get to share it still with my family like my grandmother that I still visit often. I guess that's about it but just thought I'd share. Thanks!
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Nice post, and on Babe Hardy's birthday, too!

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