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Jacques Tati
Anyone a fan of the French filmmaker who created Mr. Hulot? I have the great box set from Critierion on Bluray that has of all of his films.

Here are some pictures of the box set of anyone wants to see them. (Not my pictures but found on the criterion internet page)

[Image: fcohg1.jpg]

[Image: 2zi7uwo.jpg]

I'm up to Trafic as far the movies go which was his last performance as Hulot but I haven't found time to watch it yet. I will say the box set has a whole smattering of extras like documentaries and interviews with Tati which make the set all the more worth buying.
No greater fan than yours truly. Mon Oncle - not just a Best Film Oscar but surely one of the greatest movies of all time. Discuss.......

[Image: 250px-Mon_Oncle_hulot.jpg]

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