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Charlie Chan
Let's talk about the Charlie Chan movies. I have most of them and could talk a lot about them but there were three different actors playing the role with Warner Oland a Swedish actor playing him in the 20th Century Fox films until he fell ill and passed away, after that Sidney Toler took over the role and carried it through Fox onto Monogram Studios after buying the rights to the character from the author's widow. Roland Winters was last actor to portray Chan in films not counting one offs like Peter Ustinov's terrible version in the 80s. Roland Winters with Keye Luke as number one son was always my favorite paring but I think Toler did a great job taking over the role.
Great idea, beatlenik. A real blast from the past. There's a great Chan tribute website worth checking out:

I always liked Warner Oland best, and it took me time, but I actually got to like Toler.

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