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What are you reading ?
I read, therefore I am ! Smile

I have to have a book on my person, whether it be a real book with actual pages or yer nuw fangled electronical Kindle type book. I have quite a collection of books of all genres.

A year ago I made myself a promise to read all my (265) unread books . In alphabetical title order. I was not to buy another book until I had read all the books I own that I had not yet read.

Of course, promises are sometimes broken, as it didn't quite work out that way. I got as far as  Blue Genes by Val McDermid, which was No. 4 in a series. I had only read 1 and 2  and didn't have No. 3. I have a few favourite authors and a new book by said author just has to be bought . Blush  Only 250 books to go.

Currently I have these on the go:

Alchemist by Peter James:

[Image: 17515666053_841e347b9e_z.jpg]

And The Atlantis Complex (Book 7 in the Artemis Fowl series) in audio book format for commuting. And they say it's a kids' book Big Grin

[Image: 17949962729_a6e53a8dcb_z.jpg]

SO, what are YOU reading ?
There's only one book to read, and one everyone should - it should be compulsory. It changes our whole way of thinking on everyday matters, gives a new slant on science and technology and underlines the crucial importance of always carrying a puncture repair kit.
It's The Third Policeman, which is so multi-faceted as to be indescribable. Except that it's about bicycles, one-leggedness, the atomic structure of the universe and the dangers of the rat-trap pedal. Not to mention the esoteric philosophy of de Selby, the ageing process and the intricacies of police work. Anyone who reads this book - as everyone should - is never quite the same again. There is nothing else like it in the English language (and gawd knows what it's like in translaition).

Online (pdf)
I have just finished reading the July edition of "Cycle Sport" magazine. In spite of being the July edition it went on sale on May 6th. I am polishing up my spectacles for the August edition which goes on sale on June 3rd.
Tell me that again ! Smile
Crazy but true.
Something wrong with their cycle.
it's running all wobbly.
Sequel to "Plugged"

[Image: Screwed_zpsngphtiyw.jpg]
I'm very nervous about the next title in the series Confused
Big Grin

Working as I do in a DIY selling environment, "plugged and screwed" is regularly heard. I supposed "Nailed" or "Glued" could be next.

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