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Rare Stan solo on Youtube
There's a new Youtube clip of the previously regarded lost Stan Laurel solo Monsieur Don't Care, which has been found, at least in part.
The movie is in the Joe Rock series of Stan Laurel Comedies directed by Stan's close friend Perce Pembroke. Like most movies in this series, it's a parody of more serious films, often starring Rudolph Valentino, whom Stan portrays as Rhubarb Vaselino. The "story" comes from Monte Brice, more usually associated with W.C. Fields, and the female lead is Melba Brownrigg, who only ever made three released movies.
It's worth watching, simply because it exists, which is remarkable, although there have been some great finds in recent years. Let's hope there are some more, but first let's enjoy Stan in one of his most unusual roles.
Awesome.. This is going in my solo, L&H folder Smile

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