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Who's On First court case
If anyone understands what this means and what precedents are set, please explain it to the rest of us in simple language if possible.

Almost everyone agrees that routine was done on Vaudeville and kept getting a different spin from different performers. Even Abbott and Costello themselves have slight differences in the routine from radio, their movies and TV show. Some of those movies are in the public domain. Universal produced "One Night in the Tropics" and "The Naughty Nineties" when A&C were under contract for them. Then in 1984, Universal transferred the copyrights of "The Video Clips", not the movies, to the families of Abbott and Costello. Sounds to me like a clear case of the routine itself being public domain, but the actual clips of A&C performing the routine, from those 2 movies, to be copyrighted. Even if it just falls under "fair use" it won't take anything from the copyright, but help others get interested to obtain the originals. "The whole thing sounds screwy to me" - opps, I just used L&Hs copyright use of that line Smile

Sounds like the family "Couldn't get past first base"

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