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Pierre Etaix RIP
One of the last exponents of screen slapstick and silent comedy, Pierre Etaix, has died in France at the age of 87.
Said to have been inspired by Max Linder and Buster Keaton, Etaix was a master of the "sight gag" independent of sound. It culminated in his work as the traditional "clown"  in the music halls and his own great movie Yoyo (1965). But before that, Etaix had worked with Tati on the Oscar-winning feature Mon Oncle, where he both contributed comedy routines and learned the crafts of movie-making from the master.
Etaix had a remarkable range of talents, from music to authorship and directing a host of movies that included at least one other Oscar winner.
Jerry Lewis paid tribute to Etaix during his lifetime by basing his movie The Day The Clown Cried on him, and Lewis regarded him as a genius.
Etaix should be remembered for many achievements in movies, comedy and variety entertainment, plus he brought the art of the silent screen sight gag into the age of space travel and computers and laid the foundations for its strong and abiding future.

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