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The Our Wife car
A great comedy device in the Laurel and Hardy sound short Our Wife is the scene where the portly eloping couple (plus Stan of course) are cramming themselves into the smallest car that could be found in a land more normally associated with some of the biggest production car models on earth. So we are immensely grateful to the American Austin Bantam Club
for this information on the Our Wife car:

The small car that appears in Our Wife is a 1930 American Austin Coupe. They were manufactured in Butler, Pennsylvania and distributed to dealerships in June 1930. American Austin cars were popular in numerous movies in Hollywood. In the movie, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” with actor Will Rogers, the director rented dozens of American Austin coupes for $25 a day. They were rented from the Los Angeles Austin dealer, A. L. Gore. Most likely, Hal Roach rented an American Austin coupe from the same dealer during filming. Roach also used an American Austin in his “Little Rascal” series. It’s not known what happened to the cars that were used in the movies.
After building cars from 1930 to 1934, the American Austin Car Company went bankrupt and was reorganized into the American Bantam Car Company. The American Bantam Car Company manufactured cars from 1938 to 1940.

Whether any car rental firm would be happy to have their vehicle returned with a head-sized hole in the roof is open to discussion, but being accustomed to supplying cars for the movies they probably had some arrangement with Roach for Thomas Benton Roberts and/or Dale Schrum to make the "modifications".
That sequence is a valuable and funny part of the movie, which is a true Laurel and Hardy classic.

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