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Man About The House - "Three's A Crowd"
This is the "original" show that "Three's Company" was based on.

Thanks for that. Yes it was a seminal British comedy series that didn't really deserve the description, but it was a showcase for some of the most popular actors of the day. Not only did it "spawn" the American equivalent, it also   resulted in the much funnier George and Mildred series, which became The Ropers in the USA. Brian Murphy, who played Roper, is now a champion of vintage movies, with a sizeable collection, and supports the Talking Pictures business which is allied to the Renown Films organisation. One of his recent roles was in the very funny comedy Benidorm. The young ladies in the original series have had somewhat mixed fortunes in more recent years, but Sally Thomsett became a notable star and still makes popular appearances, most recently in pantomimes around Britain. Richard O'Sullivan has been in poor health for some years and recently suffered a stroke, but is being well cared for in a nursing home. Nice to be reminded of the days of gentle TV humour without all the language-masking bleeps.
Speaking for only the American versions, I prefer Three's Company over The Ropers. I thought I read that even this original British version was a bit controversial at the time.

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