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Allo 'Allo! - season 1 - episode 1

Many thanks for introducing this, the funniest of all British TV comedy series. It's impressive enough to make comedy out of the Nazi occupation of France, let alone with such quality of script, characters and the unfathomable plot structure. Sad to say the main star of the series, Gorden Kaye, who played the hapless cafe owner Rene, died a few days ago.
This series is calculated to offend everyone in the most comic way, with stereotype characterisations of the French, the German, the British and the Italians. The British spy passing as a French policeman is hilarious with his near-misses in the French language and all the other characters are full of catch-phrases. The occasional Nazi salute has been criticised but it's done in a comedy way.
There are so many sub-plots and intertwined story-lines it's impossible to summarise but the video of the first-ever episode gives an indication of what's to come. It really is the comedy series with everything, Brtitish to the core with double-entendres in the Carry On style and merciless parodies. Unmissable for anyone who enjoys comedy, and thanks again for posting this personal favourite!
This reminded me of Hogan's Heroes, but more "Benny Hill" style...

I'm heading off to room 6 Smile

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