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Charles Aznavour RIP
Charles Aznavour, who has died at the age of 94, achieved so many tours de force
in music, films and charity work, that CNN named him Entertainer Of The Century in 1988, and he received the same honour from Time Magazine in 2005. Quite simply he was one of the few globally influential entertainers of the 20th century.
His recordings sold more than 180 million copies throughout the world and he appeared in over 60 films. He wrote more songs for other artistes than will ever be known, because many were done in kindness and without attribution, but his catalogue of known compositions exceeds 1,000. His performing, writing, collaboration and mentoring career lasted over 80 years, and his association with Edith Piaf changed the nature of popular music (not forgetting Jacques Brel).
Always a progressive rebel and activist, Aznavour lent his name and reputation to campaigns on poverty, sexuality and humanitarian issues and he was a favourite in royal circles throughout the world, plus presidents and Popes.
His acting career spanned his whole life, receiving awards and accolades, and in 2017 was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
He was awarded France's National Order of Merit in 2001.
His work to promote the Armenian people, their heritage and legitimacy, led to a museum in his honour being opened in Yerevan, and there are two town squares named after him. In 2009 he was appointed Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland.
His true worth as a musician, composer, thinker, activist, humanitarian and campaigner, will come to be realised more now than in his lifetime, because for all his momentous achievements, Charles Aznavour remained a modest, down-to-earth family man and citizen, though very far from "ordinary".
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