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They get everywhere
[Image: h:280]
The Standard pub, High Street, Bedford UK (a little north of London). 

The Promenade, Redcar, UK
[Image: 450px-Laurel_and_Hardy_Silhouette.jpg]
Even musically:

And in Spain (Alicante).
Even on the BBC

During a recent episode of the BBC's This Week - a mix of politics and the arts - the renowned international movie critic Mark Kermode restated the pre-eminence of Laurel and Hardy in the world of entertainment. In a discussion about a new book on the therapeutic value of cinema, Kermode said: "...the stuff which cheers people up the most is slapstick comedy....whatever mood you're in, The Music Box will always make you feel better".
  Well, they ARE worth it!

[Image: LaurelHardy2.gif?resize=400%2C244]

From "Radio Clash", a London website.
(06-07-2015, 01:01 PM)judgefoozle Wrote: That's funny- my dad is from Redcar and I visited there a fair bit during my childhood and I never realised that they were there!
I am also new here happy to see the welcome post.  
judgefoozle, I would like to say thanks you for this and your active participation make this discussion more interesting for readers.  I must say new members should click this thread to drop their views here. 
[Image: Teddy%20Bears.png]
Not very convincing "Laurel and Hardy" toys based on teddy-bears, are available from the Museum in Ulverston. In the kindest terms, another tribute to The Boys, but bowler hats alone do not Stan and Babe make, but collectors will love them. Click on image to enlarge.
Laurel and Hardy Museum in Germany

The Ulverston museum is world-famous and the Harlem museum is also well-known, but the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Germany also has merit as a tribute to The Boys.
The museum is operated on a voluntary basis and is normally only open on Saturdays and Sundays. It contains a wide range of evocative artefacts and items of memorabilia and is a must for any Laurel and Hardy fan visiting the western part of Germany. Solingen is in the Dusseldorf area.

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