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Meet Jack and Mack
Please note: The following has the full approval of the Forum. It's not selling anything but introducing a new and original series of scripts for a comedy duo. It's a concept familiar to most members. If it should take off, remember - you saw it here first!
For more information and details please send member Nichita a  message using the Forum's PM system - The Judge

 Jack and Mack© is a series of new and original comedy scripts for family TV and/or short movies, designed to revive the proven and timeless comedy duo format.
The two central characters are in tune with modern teens in familiar situations, plus a unique twist to each adventure and visual humour and comic dialogue throughout. A handy description could be "Laurel and Hardy become Bill & Ted".
The series gives American "teen dude" comedies a new twist, with an imaginative and unique feature in each of the 13 free-standing episodes. This feature gives added appeal to these stylish lifestyle comedies, in which the pair of teenage friends turn ordinary aspects of daily life into chaos and disaster, rescued by the mystery feature. This is different in each episode, giving each one a fresh and individual appeal.
The stories are infused with comedy dialogue and crazy action, but the lovable rogues somehow always leave audiences wanting more. And they deliver a fresh approach each time. What WILL they do next?
The concept has strong influence from Laurel and Hardy, but brought up to date, with modern US style and reference. All the episodes are suitable for family viewing, with special appeal to kids and teens.
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