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'Did You Know?' Dept.
Most people have more than the average number of legs.
Some people have no legs.
Some people have one leg.
Some people have two legs.

Therefore...........total leg number = 3
Divided by factors (3)                   = 1

The average number of legs is one.     Undecided
There are fourteen 6" nails to the (English) pound (lb)
The average garden caterpillar has 248 muscles in its head.
The world's longest single-word palindrome is in the Finnish language. A palindrome reads the same backwards as forwards.
The word is         saaippuakkauppiaas     which means "soap salesman"..
A peanut is not really a nut but a legume.
Filling in a University funding application does NOT take 20 minutes ?
Did you know- The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still in limited theatrical release Nearly four decades after its premiere Making it the longest running theatrical release in film history!
The Mousetrap has been running continuously as a live play since 1952, with over 250,000 performances in 63 years.  It was originally called Three Blind Mice (and I'll tell you who done it if the price is right [Image: wink.png])
The great operatic tenor Enrico Caruso was paid $100,000 to appear in the movie Our Cousin in 1918. It was a SILENT movie.
What an Ulverston girl started
Stan's birthplace Ulverston lays claim to another international legend - the father of "rock 'n roll".
Maude Green lived in Ulverston until she emigrated to the USA at the age of 15. She later married William Haley, and on July 6th 1925, she gave birth to their son, also named William. With his backing group The Comets, Bill Haley instigated the most radical musical revolution probably of all time, and showbiz was never the same again. (With a tip of the hat to Carl Perkins).  The seminal "Rock Around The  Clock" record was released in 1954 and was used as the title music for a youth-rebellion movie The Blackboard Jungle.  The follow-up record "Shake, Rattle and Roll" was  the first "pop" record to sell a million copies, and the scene was set for the great rock 'n rollers' like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Rock and roll lovers should spare a thought for Ulverston on this, the 90th anniversary of the son of an Ulverston girl.


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