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Tales from old Arabia
judgefoozle, The Great Wall of China is also my favorite place to see in China. I visited it only two or three time with my uncle. It is an ideal place for history lovers. I will suggest you should go there in the future. Anyway, I am thinking to go Paris for my New Year. I believe that it is an ideal place for it.
Joseph321..!!! You are absolutely right about the Great Wall of China. It is really a nice place for history lovers. I have traveled china a few time ago for some business meeting and get a chance to explore the Great Wall of China. It was such a nice time for me that I spend there and I got there many informative stuff.
Abrish! A few years ago, I visited China with my friends. We really enjoyed there and explored different wonderful places there. Really, No doubt The Great Wall of China is the most popular, most amazing and historical places all over the world. I personally love this place. I would love to go there again and again.
Well,m Jaukanm, It si great that you have also explored the history and beauty of the Great wall of china which is good. I have also ben there and like it due to its historical moments. Anyway, Buddy, I want to know your future plans? I mean which place you have decided to explore in the coming up days? Will you like to share with me?
Abrish, I am also curious to know about those attractions names which he have a plan to visit during tour. I hope he will reply us back as soon as possible. Till yet buddy I want to know something about your plans. Would you like to share with all of us? If yes then reply me soon.

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